Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Patches of Blue

Today I saw the sky
and a sultry sun.  
Yesterday's fungi shrivelled,
 and there were butterflies everywhere.

I hope all is well with you in this weird limbo time between Christmas and New Year.  I do love to hear from people so please leave a comment if you want to.

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  1. Hello Karen,

    I'm so pleased to have found your blog. I love your tired fungi, and your fresh butterflies.

    I'm particularly interested in the little white Omphalina in the last picture on your post. What sort of habitat was it photographed in, please? There is one like it that grows in dry or semi-arid habitat after soaking rains, but since you are in Brisbane, I doubt if it was such habitat. I'd be interested to know some details.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


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