Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kipping Cats and other Curiosities

A visitor to my yard yesterday.  Give it a click and make it bigger.... you know you want to.

A couple of pages from one of my journals:

I made some room on my table for....... (ha, you thought I was going to do something creative didn't you?!)

.......the tiger, of course....  I'm no match for her so I go turn the fan up in the bedroom (it was a hot day today) and think I may have a little lie down instead, leave for a moment to fill my glass of water and.... voila!

She even got her foster brother in on the action this time! I foiled any further evil plans concocted by the tiger by heading off to the Design Studio Pop-Up Christmas Market where I bought some lovely Washi Tape from the  n o o k  stall.

 So, as you can see, ultimately a good Saturday was had by all.  I hope yours was just as good!

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