Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bunya Cones and Tamarind Flowers

I have picked the pods from this Asian Tamarind tree but I have not noticed it flower before.  The flowers are so beautiful and remind me of orchids.  The new foliage is lovely as well!

I'm glad I wasn't walking under the Bunya pine when this baby fell from the tree! It is about the size of a human head and heavy.  The nuts are edible and when the cone is dry I believe that one boils and then roasts the nuts before eating them.  I'll give it a go if the rats and possums don't get it first!

Since the flood I have noticed these black ants building their nests in trees, I'm not sure if it is just something I never noticed before or if they have changed their habits.  I am pretty sure that these ants usually lurk in the grass and bite (hard and painfully) unsuspecting bottoms sitting on the ground.