Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunrise and Life

Life is challenging at the moment.... but the sun continues to rise even though sometimes it seems a little conflicted.

These are crested terns, sitting on a rock in the river, sharing their space with the seagulls.  Every now and then a couple of terns and seagulls would fly silently from the rock and swoop around over the water for awhile before settling back on the rock.
 There must have been a shoal of fish in those murky brown waters and this seagull found a prize!

An egret................................
All the best to you for the week ahead.  I do appreciate those who visit me here, especially if you leave me a message via the comment box.  This is a strange little space, strangely private but immensely public.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The sun shines.....

Here are some photos taken in the last couple of days.  The sun has been shining and the world is less muddy.

All the best to everyone.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky Escape

My house escaped damage - just the yard got flooded, so far.  Neighbours were not so lucky.  We have gone home each day to check on and feed the chickens and our wild Charlie cat.  We now have 3 refugee chickens from next door in our yard too!  Next door was inundated almost to the floor boards (we live in Queenslanders which are houses sitting on pillars, tall enough to walk underneath so the water next door was around head height - scary!

 This is a house in my block.... I have been very lucky.
The bus stop around the corner from my house!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane Floods

We have had to evacuate our home, complete with (usually) refuses-to-travel-by-car Lil and Sammi the tiger.  We are staying in a flat in Annerley.  Sammi has taken to bed and won't come out except to eat she is just a lump under the sheets.  Lily has decided the change of scenery is fine by her.  We returned briefly this morning to pick up some things and let the chickens out.  The water is rising fast and will probably reach our house soon if it hasn't already.  Here are some photos of my local area that other people took:

 The carpark of our local shopping centre.

The river at the bottom of my street.....

So many have lost their lives, we are grateful we have escaped with ours.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain.......and more rain

Queensland is awash.  Every time there is a small gap in the rain Lily and I rush out to walk.  Here are some of the photos we have taken today.

I bought "A Field Guide to Australian Fungi" by Bruce Fuhrer over the holidays so now I can identify some of this marvellous fungi.  This last is an earth star.

Happy New Year.