Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky Escape

My house escaped damage - just the yard got flooded, so far.  Neighbours were not so lucky.  We have gone home each day to check on and feed the chickens and our wild Charlie cat.  We now have 3 refugee chickens from next door in our yard too!  Next door was inundated almost to the floor boards (we live in Queenslanders which are houses sitting on pillars, tall enough to walk underneath so the water next door was around head height - scary!

 This is a house in my block.... I have been very lucky.
The bus stop around the corner from my house!


  1. What terrible devastation there has been in your state, cleaning up must be horrendous. We are usually threatened by fire at this time of year, but we have had rain most days so we feel as if we're living in the tropics. Thank you for the name of the plant and the information regarding the dyeing, I really must give this a try.

  2. Thanks for posting on my gave me an opportunity to find yours. What a treat! I've read about the floods in Australia and it's so interesting to hear about that from someone actually going through it. LOVE the photos. I wish they were mine so I could paint from them, but at least I am inspired to see what I can find here to use as subject matter....

  3. I wrote back to you, but I stupidly put the note on my own blog in answer to your comment. In the future I'll do it right, but meanwhile please check the comments on Dogs, Chickens, and Me :-)

  4. I remember a similar flooding in Central Europe. I think it was in August 2006. We looked at the hydroelectricity dam and looked at it. Water flowed over the dam and the bridge...

    In the fall there were the floods, too. I had to go to school over half of the city. Water was everywhere but not at school :-D . Little bad luck...


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