Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane Floods

We have had to evacuate our home, complete with (usually) refuses-to-travel-by-car Lil and Sammi the tiger.  We are staying in a flat in Annerley.  Sammi has taken to bed and won't come out except to eat she is just a lump under the sheets.  Lily has decided the change of scenery is fine by her.  We returned briefly this morning to pick up some things and let the chickens out.  The water is rising fast and will probably reach our house soon if it hasn't already.  Here are some photos of my local area that other people took:

 The carpark of our local shopping centre.

The river at the bottom of my street.....

So many have lost their lives, we are grateful we have escaped with ours.


  1. My thoughts go out to you and to the others who are is this mess.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, Esther, the thoughts and prayers of people has been so meaningful. My house had water lapping at the steps but escaped inundation, neighbours were not so lucky. We have been able to evacuate to a place not at risk. Sammi the tiger has taken to bed and has just been a lump under the sheets for 2 days, though she comes out for some cat food every now and then. Lily thinks it is an adventure!


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