Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parrots and Pythons

We have been walking very early in the day and this morning the world was damp and the parrots were shouting.  Here are photos and a haiku:

Last night's rain,
silver on the grass,
lorikeets stir the morning with song.

The night rain brings small surprises:

This afternoon a smallish python with a full belly coiled near the gutter to digest its meal:

I dyed some fabric today using blue quandong fruit and lots of flax lily berries (many more than on this plate).  I dyed silk mordanted with salt.

This piece of fabric was the second piece dyed in the dye-bath, the first was darker but it is under the house drying and I haven't photographed it yet.  I am amazed at the deep colour that was achieved with only the most natural of ingredients.  I am soaking a third piece of silk overnight, I think it will be lighter but still definately mauve.

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