Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inaugural Post

And here it is, not exactly what I was planning but a start that I feel comfortable with. I plan to share the small creative things that go to make up my days; let you know where Lily and I have been and what we have been making; make notes about what and when we have added to our Etsy shop - Remantics; show you some photos; talk about what we have seen as we have wandered about our small corner of the world.

But first, let me introduce myself and Lily:
Hi, my name is Karen and I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and.......

This is Lil', my trusty companion who always looks forward to mulberry season and who accompanies me as I travel through each day.  

There are others who live here and we will introduce them to you in due time.

But for now we will end this here because working out how to put it together has been exhausting!!  I have plenty to share with you, however, so stay tuned.

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  1. wonderful to find you on here karen . . . will read your blog with avid interest!
    ruth (and yes to coffee next week, will email you tomorrow)))


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