Thursday, October 14, 2010

An early start and Wellington Point

Yesterday I had to drive Kezia to Wellington Point High School for an inter-school activity.  Lily and I went for our walk early when sunrise was still causing the sky to blush shyly.
And my favourite family appeared at first in silhouette.
But within just a minute or two there was enough light to see them better.
And Wellington Point was lovely:

And though I don't much like being away from home (and Lil' likes it even less and refused to accompany me) I did enjoy being near the water, and in such a beautiful place.  The locals were very friendly and a man who has lived there all his fifty-some years told me that dugongs, dolphins, sharks and turtles all inhabit those waters at different times.  And, he told me, these crabs that are symbolised here are called Soldier Crabs and when he was a boy there were red and purple ones as well as blue... now there are only blue.

Today I painted a painting.  It is not finished yet and it was painted following instructions from an art magazine but I am happy.  Tomorrow I will take a photo and share my first painting with you.

But for now, farewell.

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