Friday, April 1, 2011

Bunny Power

I drew and painted a bunch of bunnies as per Carla Sonheim's tutorial which you can find on her blog here.    I don't have a Tombow pen so I just used water soluble pencils and used 3 different colours for each rabbit outline, then I just pulled the colour into the body with my watercolour brush as per Carla's tutorial.  It was addictive, I couldn't stop!

The scary thing is that this isn't all of them!!!!

Have a lovely weekend.... draw some rabbits why don't you?


  1. These are wonderful! Love all the different colors and the movement of the lines.

  2. Fabulous! Great idea... okay now the rabbits on the west coast are going to multiply!

  3. Hi Carolyn, thanks for visiting, I have enjoyed a wander around your blog, love your picture of Domino.

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by. Have fun with your multiplying rabbits, after all that seems to be something they do best!!

  5. LOL! Super cute bunnies. I know what it feels like to draw something over and over again - lots of fun with all the variations!


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